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Story Of a Wild Tea Hunter

About JT Hunter

Join JT Hunter, an aspiring American tea hunter on his tea hunting expeditions to find China’s ancient and wild tea trees. Find out for the first time the harsh truths behind big tea business and follow his journey to meet the last true tea artisans. Learn about a secret Taoist tea culture that aligns tea plants with star constellations. Delve into the spiritual tea culture of the Hani hill tribe that reveres ancient tea trees as sacred spirits of divine protection. Get the controversial insider’s story on the tea industry. Read for the first time in print the fallacies of Fair Trade and Organic Certification, and the gap between the theory and realities of forest protection. Discover how wild and ancient tea trees contain a multiple of the nutrients of standard farmed tea and be introduced to the unique energetic qualities found only in the tea trees in the wild. Learn how you can prevent further destruction of the environment by drinking BiodiversiTEA. If you are a tea lover, traveller, environmentalist or anyone who likes a cup now and again, this book will forever change your understanding and appreciation of tea.

Industry Insider Secrets They Didn't Want To Know

In JT’s treks he saw how many large-scale farms and unsustainable harvesting practices were actually destroying the environment and producing teas with very weak Qi energy. They were simply being mass-produced for large profit while paying unskilled workers a very poor wage. He saw how the master artisans were quickly disappearing, how the spiritual tea culture was being lost.

Most important tips you’ll learn

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    Methods Of Organic Deception Discover the 3 Methods of Organic Certification Deception and never again be duped into something you don’t support.

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    Fair Trade Fallacies Is Fair Trade what it purports to be? In this first time disclosure of it’s kind you will learn how to avoid the fair trade trap.

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    The Realities of Rainforest Protection Is Rainforest Protection really working? Find out what you can do.


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Testimonials for www.wildteahunter.com

Nicole Martin

An important read for any tea lover This was a fairly quick read. I finished it in one day but I'm a bit of a speed reader and I have a long commute.

View More -Nicole Martin Tea Blogger http://www.teaformeplease.com/

Dan Bolton

The allure of China stimulates author J.T. Hunter’s sense of adventure as he takes readers off the beaten path into the major tea producing regions in search of uncultivated tea.

View More — Reviewed by Dan Bolton, Editor Tea Biz Blog © Copyright Tea Biz 2013 http://teabizblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/wild-tea-hunter/

Chas Kroll

Amazing Book of an Amazing Experience As a Certified Tea Master, my views on tea and the tea industry are deep-seated only to be altered by a new experience or from new knowledge.

View More Chas Kroll Founder, American Tea Masters Association http://teamasters.org/

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